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Marian is a singer/songwriter/pianist from San Diego, CA. Music has been a part of Marian's life from the get go! She would hum before she could talk and she showed an interest in playing piano at a very young age. 


Marian has been performing live at local music venues since she was 12 and began writing music at the age of 14.  Since then, Marian has been making a name for herself in the San Diego music scene and has been working hard to make her dream come true of becoming a professional performer. She is currently writing, collaborating, and recording new songs with other local artists.  She is working towards releasing an EP by 2019. 


Marian performs Pop and R&B/Soul songs and is influenced by singers such as Yebba Smith, Sinead Hartnett, and Sabrina Claudio to name a few. 

You can expect to be mesmerized by Marian’s ability to sing with ease due to her wide vocal range.  Marian engages the crowd with her ability to express every feeling portrayed in the song.

In 2016, Marian had the opportunity to be featured on America's Got Talent  singing Creep, by Radiohead.  


Marian has also been featured on Gurlz Talk Rawk and AVRadio



"It's a yes for me"

- Simon Cowell

America's Got Talent Season 11

"Her singing and piano playing is so amazing, I can't even explain it!"

- DJ Steve O

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